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zMed is a cost effective, elegant, highly scalable, integrated hardware and software solution for medical device connectivity and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) automation.

Continuous monitoring of critically ill patients is important. It is more important for physicians to have all the right data at the right time to make the most effective decision. Manual monitoring and logging of data and vitals, in a paper log sheet, consume precious time of the nursing staffs, leads to errors and frustration. It becomes very difficult to do analysis on the data. Physicians require data to be structured and presented in a specific way. zMed does all this and more.

  • zHub and zMedConnect hardware products for medical device connectivity that connect to other medical devices such as Patient Monitor, Ventilator, ABG analyzer, Syringe Pumps and other devices; fetch vitals and waveforms
  • zMed device connectivity solution is device manufacturer, protocol and standards agnostic. zHub can connect to most of the Medical Devices that may have legacy and vendor specific connectivity protocols 
  • zHub and the zMed solution are HL7 compliant and integrates easily with existing EMR/HIS through HL7 and or through custom APIs
  • zICUChart  software helps to capture all the data within an ICU
  • zICUChart along with zHub automatically captures vitals from medical devices, and is saved in the Cloud or on central server
  • Mobile apps for doctors to see data and vitals live including waveforms from anywhere
  • Get alerts when certain vitals require immediate attention. Set additional custom alerts.
  • Maintain history of patient vitals and all other records and software on your own server in your premises or on a hosted server in the cloud
  • PACS/DICOM connectivity and image viewing in App and in Desktop
  • Support for predictive analytics and custom Clinical decision support
  • Cost effective, elegant and scalable architecture to deploy across multiple ICUs and multi centers

All in a single platform

Our Hardware Products: We provide medical device connectivity hubs brand named zHub that can connect to and fetch data from multiple Medical Devices. Zhub also runs the zICUChart bed-side application. Therefore there is no need for any external PC for data entry. zHub supports both normal display and touch screens. zICUChart provides touch screen specific UI if a touch screen monitor is used.

We understand that each and every hospital is unique and so are their ICUs and their internal protocols and work process. We neither change your protocol nor your process. We transform your ICUs by digitally enabling them, using your existing patient monitoring system working alongside our IoT software and hardware, so that your nurses do more of patient care and less of data entry.

Write to medical@zbliss.com with your details or call +91-44-43569584 for an online demo and trial login.

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